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Stanley Dee – The Ultimate Steely Dan Tribute Show / Opening act by Pete Kosanovich

Saturday, 30 April 2022


Contribution based event
We believe in our people of Aylesbury and Bucks. When they visit us, they can (and they will, I’m sure) show their appreciation to the Artist and Venue Appreciation Fund which means, they can contribute ‘to the pot on the spot’. Please bring cash.
It is experimental, but we had so much negative response about the ticket prices so we decided together with some of our former and future musician that we need to try how it can work.
We all (venues and musicians) rely so much on You people, we should be in save hands of the
‘Great Community of the Live Music Lovers’.


Highly recommended to book your table in advance!  Please send an email with your name and the number of guests to


Thank You!

A Tribute to Steely Dan…

There are many ways to approach the music of Steely Dan. Music which means so much to those of us who appreciate a tightly crafted groove, a memorable tune, an intriguing chord progression and often a twisted story line. Bearing in mind the sheer quality of the musicians who played on the original recordings, the scope of the task can seem daunting. For that reason, you might reasonably expect a Steely Dan tribute band to have a somewhat serious manner…..

But not Stanley Dee! They love the music of Becker and Fagen, and it makes them happy. Audiences can tell from the way some of them bounce around on stage, and the way they all have large smiles plastered on their faces most of the time. This music is FUN!

Which is not to say that we treat the music lightly. This stuff is hard to do well, and they pride themselves on recreating the authentic sounds, down to the details of the amazing solos and the intricate vocal harmonies. They’re all huge fans of the music itself, and they know what their audiences want to hear. They’ve been at this since 2009, and have racked up loads of gigs, starting in their home area of South Herts, but also (increasingly) going much further afield. If you’ve seen them, you’ll know what they’re about, and if you haven’t… it’s about time you checked them out.

Authentic sounds played with skill and enthusiasm. If you like Steely Dan, you will love Stanley Dee!

  if you are thinking about going to see Stanley Dee, just do it! .. you’ll love them! 
Loved every minute of it.. a stunning performance!




a very faithful, dynamic band with killer female vocal harmonies and an astonishing brass section

clearly talented musicians and singers passionate about the Dan

a guitarist able to conjure the perfect sound, to my ear, note for note.. live.. on every song

the Drummer’s habitual broad grin very much capturing the infectious joy the band shows for their music

Don Ellis – Drums

Mark McCormack – Bass

Keith Jones – Keyboards

Derek Walker – Saxophone

Steve Joy – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Acoustic Guitar

Darren Spicer – Guitar

Katie Ayres – Vocals

Jen Good – Vocals

Cavan Daly – Lead Vocals

Paul Davey – Saxophone



More pictures in the Gallery bellow


Pete Kosanovich

“Lovely, I love the tone in Pete`s voice, it is very sincere and honest”

(Dave Davies – Then Kinks)

Musician / songwriter originally from Aylesbury. Formed garage-psych band The Pale Blue Eyes in 2007, now performs solo or under the name Pete Kosanovich & The Pale Blue Eyes.

This night he perfoms as an alternative solo artist. His songwriting skills and energetic live performances are mainly based around the vocals-guitar-harmonica arrangement.

He is often best described by fans as a mix of Son House, early 70`s Rolling Stones & Brian Jonestown Massacre rolled into Dylan.

“Love it! Very Good!”

(Liam Gallagher – Oasis, Beady Eye)


(Andy Ross – Blur, Food Records)

Also you can find him on Twitter

Pete brings his own vinyl albums, you will have the opportunity to purchase them.

  • Organizer Name: The Petri Dish
  • Phone: 01296394720
  • Email:
  • Type: Live Music,Nightout,Performance,Social dance
  • Time: 30 April 2022 - 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
  • Venue:The Petri Dish

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