More than ever…

... we need some help!

“…With your support, we can continue our mission at The Petri Dish…”

Please support what makes us humans

It all started as a dream.

On a sunny afternoon we went for a bike ride on the Waddesdon Greenway. A few hours later on our way back, we had almost the full plan in our head.

Our plan was to create a place where children can learn and experience something new. Then we realized we needed to do more, that we needed to establish a communal space for families and many special-interest groups who wanted to spend and share some non-digital quality time together. We want to be the first option for those who prioritize genuine analogue human communication, interactions, relationships, values and experiences.

We started refurbishing the premises in summer 2019. That work took nine months to complete. During that time we shed some blood, much sweat and many tears.

Our target was to open in mid-March 2020, but as we all know the pandemic stepped in and brought life to a halt. As restrictions blocked us, we could open only as a takeaway coffee shop in June. Then slowly but surely we started to organize music events and some other activities.

However, further lockdowns and restrictions, and also our own illness, meant that we could only open properly in mid-February 2022.

This is where we are now.

We want to survive, thrive and continue our journey to fulfill our purpose and reach our target. As a result of the pandemic and the related restrictions and uncertainty, together with a lack of financial support because we couldn’t start trading before the pandemic, all our reserves are nearly used up.

After nearly 3 years of resilience, enormous investment of time, energy and capital, our resources are depleted. We are now on the verge of becoming an endangered species, which would mean that we would have to close down all our activities.

Our present situation is critical and the very existence of
The Petri Dish in danger.

However, we require very little
to stay and continue the ongoing or start
new community projects

“…We have invested nearly three full years of
our lives into this project, this town and this community…”

If You believe, our work is important,
We now ask your contribution and active response
in order to survive and continue our mission.

Our resilience and dedication have brought us a long way. However, we now urgently need your help and support. We know that we are meeting a need, ‘scratching where people itch’, as many say things like ‘I thought it was only in Oxford and Cambridge that such places existed.’ 

We would welcome both one-off and regular gifts.
Please give as you are able.

2020 was a year which left scarred the large majority of us. We work really hard to stay and continue the task we started. Please stand with us! Let’s do this together!

A donation from you will enables us to: Continue our mission to bring exceptional artists on our stage, provide hands-on educational opportunity for children, enables young inexperienced or hidden gem artists to shed light on their talent.

Thank You!


We are extremely grateful for your support.
If you have questions, comments or suggestions about our donation,

please call us on 01296 394720 or email

Any Queries?

Give us a call at 01296394720

We are always here to help…

I entered here and  I couldn`t believe I was still in Aylesbury

 When I visit The Petri Dish I feel myself as I would be in Oxford or Cambridge

The room upstairs is a real heaven for kids! I love to play here!

 I loved that having a cup of tea became an occasion….

This is an absolutely delightful place with such nice proprietors, a large choice of teas and coffees (try rose petal tea!), home made cakes and unusual sandwiches. All natural products, lots of options for vegans/ folk with allergies. A kind of community centre too- today they had a science fair going on for the kids, which granddaughter loved. Our new regular coffee shop!

Sally – Tripadvisor