National Tea Day

National Tea Day is observed in the United Kingdom every year on 21 April to celebrate the drinking of tea.

Since the 18th century, the United Kingdom has been one of the world’s largest tea consumers. Originally an upper-class drink in Europe, tea gradually spread through all classes, eventually becoming a common drink.

Let`s celebrate together at The Petri Dish!

We are incredibly proud of our Tea selection.

We offer over 50 different type meticulously crafted teas and herb infusions. All of them organic, ethical sourced, handpicked and hand rolled loose leaf tea and almost all of them have an original legend, story in store for You how it became unique.

We can not underline enough how important are all mentioned facts:

Organic – chemical free

Loose leaf – without teabag these are plastic and glue free teas AND you receive real tea leaves, not dust in bag

Ethical sourced – the tea gardens receive the right price, Henrietta Lowell who sources these teas all around the world, she visits every farm in every alternate year  (real relationship)

Handpicked, hand rolled, hand crafted (in small batches) – if we appreciate the real value of the expertise the thousands year knowledge can stay alive.

Did You know all of the teas comes from the Camellia Sinensis bush, which, left alone and unplucked, would grow into a sprawling, leggy tree.

  • Where it grows,
  • how you care for it,
  • when and how you harvest,
  • and most importantly how you craft the leaf,

determines the type of tea it will become.

From the same leaf You could make a white, green, blue, black or pu`er tea.

Black tea is fully oxidized to bring out rich, tannic depth.

Green tea is only lightly processed to reveal more subtle, vegetal flavours.

Oolong tea called blue tea in China. It lies artfully between black and green tea.

White tea is the beginning, the untouched leaf, just dried and so retaining the softest notes of the fresh leaf, clean and grassy. Also White tea contains the highest level of antioxidant because this is the less processed among all of them.

Pu`er tea is fermented.

All of them contains caffeine naturally.

In the United Kingdom the most popular teas are the English Breakfast and the Earl Grey tea.

We offer more different type of  English Breakfast blend.

Please let us know whether you like

  • strong and rich
  • deep, rich, malty
  • lighter with soft floral notes
  • or unique depth of flavour with elegant complexity.

If you prefer Earl Grey tea

  • One of our choice is the Rare Earl Grey. We can say this is the best balanced Earl Grey blend we have ever tried.
  • The second choice`s interesting as well, because it is grown and crafted in the UK. There is a walled garden in Cornwall, the climate is ideal for the Camellia Sinensis bush.
  • The third option is the Tea Lady Grey that gives the opportunity to try a similar blend with delicious lemon herbs.



You can have a journey around the world without passport at The Petri Dish.

Just a few hint:

  • Jasmine Silver Tip – Not flavoured but carefully scented over six consecutive nights with fresh jasmine flowers
  • Lapsang Souchong  – grown and hand crafted within a protected, inaccessible area of the nature reserve (UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • Rare Oolong – originated in the Fujian Province, where  is thought that it was first produced at the end of the Mind Dynasty.
  • Long Jing – The Dragon Well is still the most famous tea in China. Originated back to the Qing Dynasty 17th century. It`s able to balance the fiercer flavours in the cuisine.
  • Moriuchi Koucha – We have not had access or enjoyed Japanese black teas outside of Japan for many generations. You will discover it`s an exquisite tea.
  • Sencha – From the same 200 year old Japanese tea garden, handcrafted by the revered master Moriuchi-san.
  • Genmaicha – From the same tiny garden top grade Sencha with organic, Japanese brown rice.
  • Wild Rooibos – This is real bush-tea – it’s beyond organic and indigenous. To protect the delicate ecosystem of the Cederberg Mountains it’s harvested on horseback with machetes, ensuring no damage is done to the fragile local environment.








… even the iced version …

If you want to make special your National Tea Day

come and do it together 🙂


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