We had amazing evening on 3rd of March.

Even it was a quite small group we could meet genuinely marvelous and talented people.

Melissa Mostyn was one of them. She brought her artworks. She started the drawing in 2017, since then she became experienced with different mediums.

Interestingly  her goal is to spend maximum 30 minutes with every single piece. Most of the time she`s able to finish her picture within this time frame. Like a morning ritual and after that you can start your day emotionally and mentally recharged, ready for the next 24 hours.

Here you are a tiny taster and if you want to immerse you can on her Facebook or Instagram account. On the Instagram you can read more about the pictures individually what kind story, intention is there.

We really hope will meet her very soon!


Thank You all of You who visited us on any of our

Art Cafe Evening!


We would like to encourage everybody


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