The Petri Dish is a unique Cultural Community Centre…

A Live music venue, Art, Educational & Cultural Centre

At The Petri Dish we provide the space and nurturing environment for any form of art to thrive.


We are Family Run and proudly Family Friendly Venue!

Bring your children, be together!

Opening Hours

Temporarily we are open as a Music Venue only. Please visit our What`s On page.

Private venue hire is available.




49-51 High Street
Aylesbury HP20 1SA 

Telephone: 01296 394720

It’s over…
We had a fantastic journey with You all!
Now we have been forced to move on…
We were about to create meaningful matter for our community. More and more of You discovered The Petri Dish, recognized the value, noticed our effort, understood the message and became part of the wider Petri Dish Family.
This going to be a long and -we have to admit- a painful process to get through, and get used to the new life without the venue, the people, our friends and the artists performing. The electrifying buzz before gig with the soundcheck, get the stage and the bar ready, baking cakes, chit chat at the bar and the dancing, boys making photos or performing mini concert at the end. Excited musicians from all ages, all level of experience. Often coming off the stage as a different person. Endless conversations stretching into late night…
Very odd feeling and emotions. Like a book slipped behind the old bookshelf and waiting to be found, opened and being read again.
Some of You may know already, we have invested 4 years of virtually non-stop work, all of our savings and our heart into the overall mission of The Petri Dish, into the Town and the community of Aylesbury.
As we have never ever had a salary and we always recycled the income to keep the machine running, we couldn’t save anything for the rainy days. Now it’s the thunder surrounding us.
We ended up jobless and pretty much homeless very soon if we can’t act quick. And it’s not easy as our credit is somewhere down mining coal.
Please consider to contribute to our fundraiser at crowdfounder or better off, through our bank account where we get the full amount without delay.
It is truly an emotional roller coaster but we have to cheer up, staying positive and keep our focus on the new beginning.
In the same time, we are open for discussion if someone have the drive and desire and access to funds to restart The Petri Dish Project. We would be happy to carry on with the same passion, standard of quality, full of ideas and plans.
We would like to say Thank You for your participation, support, company and time spent here with us.
We would like to ask, please let us take some memory with us, SEND a story, images or videos via email  You’ve made here.
Please tell us, it was not wasted time! It meant something for You, we fulfilled our purpose…
We will miss everyone of You…
Bank account details:
Zs Olah
Always with love,
The Petri Dish Family


What’s On at The Petri Dish

We Strive for cultural inclusion Every day in everyday

We offer meeting and activity space for groups and associations with refreshments.

Clubs and activities using The Petri Dish
Unique events so far and counting
Diffierent Teas and Coffees on the menu
Tickets Sold for events and shows so far

What Our Visitors Saying

“The Petri Dish is a unique centre with a fantastic atmosphere, a huge range of teas and coffees, plant based food and cultural and educational activities”
“The sound and stage is excellent for gigs and the atmosphere absolutely rocks”

Paul – Viewpoint


“This is an absolutely delightful place with such nice proprietors, a large choice of teas and coffees (try rose petal tea!), home made cakes and unusual sandwiches. All natural products, lots of options for vegans/ folk with allergies. A kind of community centre too- today they had a science fair going on for the kids, which granddaughter loved. Our new regular coffee shop!”

Sally – Tripadvisor

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