What happened on our Art Cafe Evening (31st of March)



Thanks for Jess we were not alone 🙂 She brought her artworks and invited her friends as well.

Do not worry that was not the last time, she will bring them again.

When you are wandering in a gallery you can feel some of the pictures magnetize you. You need to spend more time in front of them to immerse longer.

I like the thought even the same artwork has a different meaning for everybody because in the pictures we see our own experiences, memories, values and dreams.

We loved these pictures!

If these resonate with you as well, You can find more on the Facebook and on the Instagram with stories and details.

Her introduction:

My name is Jess, I am primarily an acrylic painter and quite new to the art industry. I studied psychology at university and worked in care for a few years but decided to leave all that behind to pursue an art career. My paintings are largely a cross between fantasy and reality worlds, with a lot of inspiration coming from my experience with mental health and my dreams/nightmares.

Thanks for everyone’s support so far and for those interested, I’m in the process of setting up an online shop to start selling prints of my work 🙂


Click to the pictures to have a closer look to the gallery.

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